About Us

Burchfields Beds and Furniture is a local new and used furniture Retailer catering to Central Florida since 2011. Bill Burchfield comes from a long line of furniture manufacturers dating back to the early 1900’s in Montgomery, Pennsylvania where his family designed, created, and sold furniture. Bill originally broke into the furniture business in 2010 with his mother-in- law after managing fine dining restaurants. They have a unique business of buying and selling furniture that has been established for over 20 years in Central Florida.

Then we got our first store

It all started in 1985

We truly care about our clients and their satisfaction whether it be from furniture that we sell or from the furniture that we purchase from them. If we feel that sale or purchase is not designed for a “Win – Win” outcome we simply walk away. As in all businesses sometimes things do not go the way we planned. With a positive outlook we embrace these situations with our clients because we know that by doing the “right thing” we only cement the relationships and add more value to our service.

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